Statement Issued to Bellway and ERYC with regard to concerns for the junction at Long Lane and Woodmansey Mile

The Parish Council was not satisfied that the recommendations from the recent Safety Report (additional signage) at the junction at Long Lane and Woodmansey Mile, will deal with the issue of drivers turning into Long Lane as they are clearly ignoring the existing signs and therefore there is no reason to suggest additional signs will make any difference.

The issue remains on our agenda and at last night’s meeting a Cllr reported the situation was getting worse and recently was subjected to abuse from a driver turning left – the driver (who was there to view one of the new houses) advised the Cllr that the Barratts site office had told her to ignore the signs and it was ok for residents to turn onto Long Lane from the junction.  I have been instructed to write to all the developers on Long Lane and ask them to inform their onsite staff that this is absolutely unacceptable.  Cllrs feel that the main culprits are in fact residents from the new housing and this needs stopping now.

It is also noted that despite several assurances this would stop, the builders themselves are ignoring the signs and turning into Long Lane.  Cllrs feel the safety report recommendations are not fit for purpose and what is needed is some form of actual deterrent such as cameras

I am asked to advise you that the above will be duly recorded in our minutes for the May meeting and Graham Stuart MP is copied into this email.  We are also considering approaching the press in the matter as Cllrs feel increasingly frustrated and ignored in this matter.

The Parish Council would like to request a return visit from Bellway representatives to our June meeting which takes place on 17th June along with Mr Forsey as the ERYC engineer in the matter.