Open Message to Residents of Woodmansey Parish Council

You may or may not be aware that East Riding of Yorkshire Council have been carrying out a Governance Review of Parish and Town Councils which in summary reviews Parish boundaries and numbers of Parish Councillors, but also can recommend the dissolution and creation of Parish Councils.

One of the biggest possible changes which has come out of the review involves Woodmansey Parish and the recommendations in so far as they affect Woodmansey / Beverley can be found  below


As many of you will know, our Parish is very large and includes new housing developments along Woodmansey Mile.  This has not gone unnoticed by the review body which has recommended that large parts of the current Parish would be transferred to Beverley Town Council, specifically large parts of Victoria and Minster View Wards and the northern area of Nurseries Ward.  A new Parish of Woodmansey would be created with what is left plus the village and would be represented by 6 Cllrs – Dunswell will remain part of the Parish but with an increase in Cllrs to 3.

After considering the review recommendations, a majority of Parish Councillors at Woodmansey have advised of their determination to oppose this recommendation and feel very strongly that if implemented there will be a detriment to the residents affected.   The Parish Council will be submitting a formal response in due course to ERYC, however at this point Cllrs wanted to approach residents of our Parish with their views.

Cllrs believe that the focus of Beverley Town Council will remain on the town itself and not on the issues which are relevant to the surrounding areas.  Residents should also note that such a move would undoubtedly lead to an increase in the amount they pay for their precept as part of the tax base.  Woodmansey Parish Council has not increased the precept for the past two years but has still spent on projects in all the areas of the current Parish.  Projects carried out by the Parish Council have included the following

  • A new allotment which is open to all residents in the village, and many current tenants are from areas which will be transferred to Beverley Town Council if the recommendations proceed
  • A community fund which has again benefited bodies across the Parish, again including areas which would be moved to BTC if the recommendations were accepted.
  • Keldmarsh School has benefited from the above scheme as well as receiving commemorative / celebratory gifts along with other schools in the Parish
  • The Parish Council has already tabled plans to create linked woodland corridors across the existing Parish which will have considerable wellbeing and recreational benefits for all residents
  • The Parish Council has provided commemorative benches and other street furniture for Lincoln Way
  • Redevelopment and continued enhancement of Victoria Park (formally Southwood Park)
  • The Parish Council has been proactive in helping to deal with construction lorries travelling down Lincoln Way
  • The Parish Council continues to support the lifting of the closure of England Springs Level Crossing and has recently written to formally oppose any renewal of the closure notice and also ask for an independent risk assessment
  • A schedule of cleaning of playground equipment and bus shelters across the Parish
  • Planned rollout of Christmas Lights in December, starting with Lincoln Way

In summary Cllrs would encourage residents to get involved in this consultation and we would hope you feel the Parish Council has worked hard to enhance and support all areas of the current parish and that you join Cllrs in opposing these proposed recommendations.

Although any changes would not take place until the next Parish Elections in four years times, more than anything we want residents to have a say in this matter – your view is essential, whether your view it to stay with Woodmansey Parish Council or move to Beverley Town Council.  Cllrs obviously hope you agree with how the Parish Council has supported the whole of the Parish (as above) but what is important is that you get involved in this consultation and make your view known.

Feel free to let the Parish Council know your feelings in this matter but you must use the actual consultation link to formally send in your views to ERYC.  You can do that by clicking here .

The closing date for the consultation is the 8th September.

Thank you.