Notice and Agreed Agenda for the February 2023 Parish Meeting

The Parish Council has issued notice of its February 2023 Parish Meeting.  Details can be found by clicking here.  Notice and Agenda for the February 2023 Parish Meeting (Woodmansey)

Please be aware there is currently a risk assessment in place at the Parish Meeting, as detailed below


Due to a potential risk from a member of the public against one of our Cllrs, the Parish Council has agreed on the following temporary risk assessment :
  • Where possible members of the public wishing to attend the February and March Meeting should register with the Parish Clerk prior to the meeting.
  • Members of the public need to arrive by 7pm at the February and March meeting.  The premises door will be locked at this time and any late attendees need to contact the Clerk in attendance at the meeting on 07749387757 to be admitted
  • Members of the public in attendance will be seated away from Cllrs but within speaking and hearing distance.
  • Although the Parish Council does not currently have the legal right to ban members of the public, it does however reserve the right to evict any person(s) whom it believes constitutes a risk to individual Cllr(s).  The Parish Council also will suspend the meeting and call the police if considered appropriate.

Any queries on this matter should be referred to the Parish Clerk on 01430 410 383 or