Woodmansey Parish Council presents Woodmansey Village Hall Committee with a portrait of the King.
In-between the Annual Meeting of the Parish and the Ordinary May meeting, the Parish Council presented a portrait of the King for hanging pride of place in the Village Hall. The portrait is part of a national, Government backed scheme to present Parish Councils and Village Halls with a portrait of his Majesty.
Our first photo shows the Chair of the Parish Council Kerri Harold presenting the portrait to Chair of the Village Hall Committee, Richard Los.
Our second photo show Parish Cllrs joining the two chairs – left to right Cllr Claire Levy, Cllr Jon Los, Cllr Harry Bulmer, Richard Los, Cllr Kerri Harold, Cllr Roy Begg, Cllr Phil Bown, Cllr Dave Shores, and Cllr Richard Ellerington